Tiwa Savage Gives Fans A Health Update On Her Eyesight

Renowned Nigerian Afrobeat musician Tiwa Savage updated her fans on her health issues, particularly with reference to her vision, on her Instagram page.

The singer opened out about her struggles with low eyesight in a video that was uploaded on her story on Thursday, February 15, 2024. She said that she has been having problems for the previous two to three years. Queen T claims that reading has gotten harder for her because her vision has been blurry, especially lately.

She admitted that in order to make messages easier to read, she would sometimes take screenshots of them and use her camera to zoom in on them. She went to an optician in London seeking professional help, and the doctor there determined that she had problems mostly with her short-range vision, with her long-range eyesight being considered to be a little satisfactory.

Tiwa Savage received a prescription set of glasses to ease her discomfort, but she jokingly questioned whether she still exuded charm when donning them. She described how difficult it had been for her to read restaurant menus in her own words, lamenting the decline in her vision.

Despite these difficulties, Tiwa Savage’s tenacity is evident as she wryly injects luxury into her solution by purchasing a pair of high-end eyewear.

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