Angel Olsen “Forever Means” EP Review

Forever Means – EP

Angel Olsen

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 14 Apr, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Track(s): 4
  • ℗ 2023 Jagjaguwar

With four tracks that share the concept of self-discovery, Angel’s most recent EP, “Forever Means,” serves as another vulnerable addition to her catalog. Olsen is able to break free from the constraints of the past and look to surviving the roads still to be traversed in just 15 minutes. The serene, generally minimalist instrumentals serve as the ideal accompaniment to the EP’s journey of deep introspection.

Olsen’s mastery of both softer, more delicate moments and harsher, more powerful ones is on display in this EP. Every song serves as a reminder of Olsen’s unwavering capacity to conjure enduring works of musical genius, guided by honesty and tenderness. Although it is an intermediate, exploratory project, this one envelops the listener with a pleasant, night warmth. It should be played late at night because the lyrics may be weak but the melody is strong.

EP Cover Art

Angel Olsen &Quot;Forever Means&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, December 1, 2023

Angel seems to be in a little funk, telling from her somber mood reflected in the photograph’s peaceful but gloomy ambience. While the light sparkles on the face of the water, Angel takes a dip and is soaking in the moment, as she ponders what Forever Means.

Tracks and Features

The outstanding tune, “Nothing’s Free,” which features calm piano and echoing saxophone and creates the ambiance of a foggy, smoke-filled old tavern. A stately and opulent piano foundation serves as the song’s base. Despite the fact that Olsen offers consolation in her lyrics, the song’s piano melody gives it a bittersweet edge. As the drums begin to play, a somber sax solo is followed by a wailing electric organ. Olsen introduces the lengthy orchestral outro with a wailing “I’m broken” as she speaks about leaving a place she once considered safe.

With the lyrics “Forever means saying what’s on your mind, Forever means always trying to find, Forever means make sure, take your time,” Olsen tries to find comfort in her search in “Forever Means.” Olsen’s voice dominates the music with little guitar-led orchestration, shining with warmth and depth. The song is an emotional stunner despite its simplicity, demonstrating Olsen’s talent for engrossing a listener without using elaborate, lavish music.

The following track is a shortened version of “Time Bandits,” an upbeat and pleasant composition that Olsen first published as an eleven-minute piece on Instagram in 2020. The singer’s words, “I want you, I need you, I need you right now,” are echoed by a soft saxophone, delicate keys, and a steady, cyclical beat. This song expands on her ideas about how to strike a balance between the need for love and the need to survive in this world.

In contrast to the tracks that came before it, Olsen’s vocal delivery in the final song, “Holding On,” is bolder and more powerful. Olsen’s repeated lyrics, “Couldn’t see the light/ You brought to me,” are accompanied by enthralling electric guitar that predominates the background music. On this track the high-register, bright guitar solos serve as a magpie-like diversion from the disorganized string section. Olsen’s frantic screech sears with unmet longing, yet the melody of her voice never quite matches the plea for deliverance in her lyrics.


1Nothing’s Free4:38
2Forever Means3:27
3Time Bandits3:54
4Holding On4:01

EP Theme

These songs, according to Olsen, raise the subject of what forever means. “Forever Means” offers food for the mind as well as music for the soul. It’s a thorough examination of the connections between loss, love, and self-discovery in all of its guises – for original thought, for oneself, and for those we care about.

Production Credits

Angel Olsen & Jonathan Wilson produced this project.


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