Brantley Gilbert “So Help Me God” Album Review

So Help Me God

Brantley Gilbert

  • Genre: Country
  • Date: 10 Nov, 2022
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: USA
  • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2022 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Gilbert releases his long-awaited new album, “So Help Me God,” with a 10-track compilation that lives up to the standards of the Georgia native. Brantley beckons on his popping industry pals, Jason Aldean Toby Keith, Hardy, Jelly Roll and a couple more buddies of his to join him on the new album. Gilbert’s last release was three years ago, and he co-wrote every one of the album’s 10 songs.

Brantley Gilbert is the first to acknowledge that he is careful when it comes to writing and releasing new music, fiddling and tweaking things until he thinks he has found the ideal approach to serve the song and the project, which is exactly what he did with this album.

Album Cover Art

Brantley Gilbert &Quot;So Help Me God&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 23, 2024

Covered in a collection of long-sleeve body ink, Gilbert poses for the cam with his arms folded, donning a grey sleeveless top and a somber look like one who’s been pondering on a matter that indeed needs some supernatural intervention.

Tracks and Features

The 10-track album opens with a guest-featured track, “Heaven by Then,” that has Blake Shelton and Vince Gill. The country-type beat arrangement is excellently strung together and the instrumental interlude at intervals also adds color to the beautifully-created track by the trio. Love, religion and belief are topics addressed on the song. In light of how quickly life is moving along, the album’s opening track highlights a way of life that can frequently seem to be disappearing. The track is indeed a terrific opener for the album. Jason Aldean comes in on “Rolex on a Redneck,” and the Pop-like track is an amazing listen. The power of a supreme being, timing, the grind, affluence, tithing, and religion were all touched on.

“Miles of Memories” starts out with good vibes and stringy chords that usher in the vocalist. Brantley skillfully sings over instrumentals that sound Pop-like but with the evident touch of the Country vibe. Religion, prayers, faith, memories and resilience form the message of the track. The percussion is nice and the beat arrangement is commendable and quite pleasant to jam to. “She’s the One” is a beautiful love song that shows the fantastic side of relationships, growth, hinting at the possibility of finding true love. He sings that a true lover will always double as a best friend. The percussion, piano and acoustic chords, are well-arranged and composed to give the listener an incredible listening experience while absorbing the message.

“Worst Country Song of All Time” has Toby Keith and Hardy. The trio sing about everyday living, politics, life’s struggles, family, music, alcohol, money and emotions, affirming the song’s title as the track winds up. Guess it was given that title for a reason? Jelly Roll jumps on “Son of the Dirty South,” and the rap verse adds a different touch of Rock&Roll to the track even though it’s largely a Country-cum-Hip-hop collaboration. Brantley pays homage to his indeginousity and sing about other topics including brotherhood, unity, family alongside some slick talk too.

“So Help Me God” brings the listening journey to a close. He paints a picture of struggling people who sincerely ask for help and have the faith and the desire to change their status. They also touch on other themes like love, addiction and prayer. For the beat arrangement, the piano and guitar chords compliment the general song composition in a sublime manner while still aiding in the push of the song’s message. A real melodious curtain fall.


1 Heaven By Then (feat. Vince Gill) Brantley Gilbert & Blake Shelton 3:02
2 Rolex® On A Redneck (feat. Jason Aldean) Brantley Gilbert 3:00
3 Miles Of Memories Brantley Gilbert 3:10
4 She’s The One Brantley Gilbert 3:31
5 The Worst Country Song Of All Time (feat. Toby Keith & Hardy) Brantley Gilbert 3:19
6 Son Of The Dirty South (feat. Jelly Roll) Brantley Gilbert 2:59
7 How To Talk To Girls Brantley Gilbert 3:21
8 Little Piece Of Heaven Brantley Gilbert 2:57
9 Gone But Not Forgotten Brantley Gilbert 2:53
10 So Help Me God Brantley Gilbert 3:14

Album Theme

His older albums were essentially verbatim accounts of certain events in Gilbert’s life. Whatever he had been through since recording the last album was reflected in the new one.

Production Credits

Producers on the album include Andrew Baylis, Brantley Gilbert, Brock Berryhill, DJ Chill & Will Weatherly.


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