HarrySong “God Amongst Men” Album Review

God Amongst Men


  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 23 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 15
  • ℗ 2023 Alterplate Music, with exclusive license to ONErpm

Popular Nigerian artist, Harrysong, has released his latest project, “God Amongst Men.” This fourth studio album is a testament to Harrysong’s progress and enduring tenacity, enchanting audiences with his timeless artistry. “God Amongst Men” includes collaborations from prominent musicians such as Olamide, Fireboy DML, Majeed, Camidoh, Nandy, and others. This varied spectrum of collaborations exemplifies Harrysong’s ability to connect with audiences of all ages, transcending borders with his musical prowess.

Album Cover Art

Harrysong &Quot;God Amongst Men&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024

Harrysong got creative with his latest album cover, which paints him as a god emerging into the human realm from a portal that leads to another.

Tracks and Features

The title track begins the album by way of a brief introduction to who Harrysong is, or at least, who he claims to be, which is a “God Amongst Men.” The intro, however, did not sound like the best choice for an album opener, especially for an artist returning from a hiatus. It lacks cohesion, structure and melody, but the vocals are undeniable.

The next song, “One Bottle,” is a laid-back tune that invites merriment and self-care. The singer believes in and preaches the gospel of taking the edge off from time to time to relax the mind. The song’s delivery isn’t altogether bad, neither is it stellar. The generic, shallow lyrics dampen the vibe, but again, his voice and some background harmonies save the day.

“Naughty You” comes next to change the atmosphere with some good vibes, as Harry sings about wanting to get down with his naughty babe. The song’s chorus shows Song’s still got it. He might need some brushing up to do on his songwriting, though.

Fireboy DML and Olamide slide through in the previously released single, “She Knows.” Listening to the song again, you could tell why it didn’t perform so well when it came out earlier. The deliveries are nice, no doubt, but the song’s theme is pretty cliché and a bit bland. This heavyweight collaboration should’ve yielded something more lit.

Demarco and DJ 3gga join Harrysong in “Tangerine,” where they sing about a love too good to be true. Somehow, ‘tangible’ and ‘tangerine’ find a way to confuse you by coexisting in one line in the track’s chorus. Harry probably thought it was great homonym wordplay and ran with it with it, watering down the song’s message if it even has one. Midway into the song (if you’re that patient), your fingers might get a little itchy to hit the skip button.

Sliding down to track 6, “Tick Tock,” featuring Nandy, Harrysong goes in again on the subject of sex, describing how he can’t get his boo thang out of his head. Nandy did her thing, but not her best thing. Her delivery is subpar as is the entire song, except for its chorus saved again by Song’s vocal harmonies.

“Fada” continues the subpar movement, with poor songwriting and an ok delivery. The beat is catchy and Harry’s harmonies swoop in again in a cape. For “Chin Chon Thin,” featuring Kolaboy, Harrysong stepped into his authentic vibe and gave us a potential club banger. Kolaboy murdered his verse too. This just reminds you of his “Reggae Blues” oldies hit.

“Meta” is another good song on the record. Harry dishes chill Afrobeat vibes laced with some Alte, introducing some nice melodic whistling in the chorus. Harry invites fast-rising singer Majeed and Ghanaian artist Camidoh for “Asante,” and they deliver, still dwelling on the topic of smashing. Not an exciting track, but not entirely bland. “My Story” concludes the album, with the singer hoping we feel him on this latest body of work.


1 God Amongst Men – Intro Harrysong
2 One Bottle Harrysong
3 Naughty You Harrysong
4 She Knows (feat. Olamide & Fireboy DML) Harrysong
5 Tangerine (feat. Demarco & dj 3gga) Harrysong
6 Tick Tock (feat. Nandy) Harrysong
7 Fada Harrysong
8 Chi Chon Thin Harrysong & KolaBoy
9 Meta Harrysong
10 Asante (feat. Majeeed) Harrysong & Camidoh
11 Sir Harrysong
12 Alat Harrysong
13 Madingo Harrysong
14 Ejikelele Harrysong
15 My Story Harrysong

Album Theme

It captures Harrysong’s story as a musician who has survived the ups and downs of the music business while remaining relevant amid rapidly changing trends.

Production Credits

Information on the producers involved in making the album isn’t readily available.


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