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  • --NEW-- ALBUM...

    By michami6
    Looking very forward for this one, as soon as June rolls around, then I'll be right here on ITunes making the purchase...BUY music [as well as merchandise], GO to shows &'s the posers that call other people posers (correct me if I'm wrong there...) \m/^^\m/ looking forward to the album; looks like another good one! -M.P.H. [Arizona, US]
  • Petrozza huhh?!…

    By mdub069
    He talks of society no longer be able to agree to disagree in his interview, but then writes a song called Killing Jesus because that religion is 2000 years old and now its time to move on?!?!….sounds like woke cancel culture to me…don't agree with the religion so kill God?!…..uh ok. Bye bye Kreator.
  • the same 30 yrs later

    By rocnrolr
    how does his voice sound exactly the same as it did in the 80s? Amazing
  • Death4Life

    By Taylorbrotherhood
    Its going to be a great album they never went mainstream don’t pass up on the record especially if you have bad Demons inside you
  • Kreator!!! Guys!!!

    By clamslam69
    I fricking love, love, love this band!!! Got every album and ep! Been a fan since 87! However, over the last 5 albums, the need to put so much Satanic images and lyrics in the albums is kind of depressing. You can be evil. That's fine. But some of the album covers have been just awful in general, except hate uber alles. And song titles? Cheesy. The Satan is real crap sounded like low budget Arch Enemy. Dont need anthems. Just blast me in the face with hate, fear, etc. Plenty of bands already do Satan. Its boring. The 4 is for the Killing Jesus song. Pretty sure 500 other metal bands covered this topic.
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