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  • Thornhill is still great

    By i dont get it anymore
    This album is really different. The mix is pure crap

    By ptvmichael
    Thornhill’s album ‘Heroine’ offers something completely unique and different with the scene they are apart of. A nice refreshing listen, one of the best albums of the year so far.
  • So much more to love

    By billgarland91
    I’ll admit that it took me several listens but I am glad I persevered. I was a massive fan of The Dark Pool and was initially put off by the new approach taken on Heroine. But now I have a deep respect for what Thornhill has done with this new record. They kept the melancholy genius of Dark Pool and Butterfly and have added layers of complexity. The album is a journey across a soundscape from raw and edgy to polished and beautiful. You can hear the roots laid down by Dark Pool but there is now so much more to feast on. Stay tuned, these guys are going places and I can’t wait to take the ride with them.
  • So excited for the new album

    By Music Gal 27
    I'm so excited for the new album from thornhill I've recently discovered them over the spring break I love the butterfly EP, XY EP and their debut album the dark pool which absoultly slaps I love arkangel best song of 2022 hands down espcally the live version as well cassanova is ok i'll have to relisten to it once the album comes out also I had to say away from hollywood I've watched reactors react to that song but overall can't wait for June 3rd to arrive my birthday month.
  • As a Deftones fan this is amazing

    By Pizza Man108
    Look don’t get me wrong I LOVE metalcore but this new direction Thornhill is taking gives me hella Deftones vibes and I love it!
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