aespa’s Winter Gets “Preventive” Surgery To Fix A Collapsed Lung

Winter, aespa vocalist, had a collapsed lung and received what is being called a “preventive” surgery.

The aespa singer recently had surgery for a pneumothorax, better known as a collapsed lung, according to claims that were confirmed by Winter’s label SM Entertainment in a statement released today, April 12.

Speaking to the South Korean news site Newsen, the K-pop agency stated that the surgery was performed as a preventive step based on her doctor’s advice because the ailment is “prone to recurrence,” and the decision was reached after much deliberation, according to Soompi.

Regarding how the surgery might effect the group’s planned activities, SM Entertainment stated that Winter is “currently recovering” and that their “top priority going forward” is the aespa singer’s health. aespa’s forthcoming music release is anticipated to include new music in the second quarter of 2024, as per a preview released in February by SM Entertainment.

Exactly how Winter’s operation may impact these plans is unknown at this time. The K-pop trio has also revealed their 2024 “SYNK: Parallel Line” global tour, which will include stops in Australia, Asia, and other continents. It will begin in late June and run from June to September 2024, with 19 concerts scheduled in 13 venues throughout Asia and Australia.

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