Billie Eilish Halts Show to Help Fan Who Was Losing Air

Billie Eilish brought her show to a brief standstill when she discovered a fan in the crowd going out of breath. The pop star takes safety seriously at her shows, so much she stopped a Happier Than Ever Tour show on Saturday night at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

This was after she had noticed that a fan in the front of the venue was having a hard time taking in air. Billie Eilish inquired from the fan if they needed an inhaler, before proceeding to ask her crew if they had one on hand. Eilish, in the same breath, requested her fans to give the girl some space to catch her breath.

“It’s OK, we got one,” Eilish announced. “Give her some time. Don’t crowd.” She later continued, “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going.”

She later asked the fan if she wanted to be moved to help her find her breath, and even went an extra mile to double-check to make sure she was faring OK, before mouthing “I love you.”

It seems every artiste now knows what could befall them if they walk in the footsteps of Travis Scott. Or maybe it could just be plain kindness, empathy. Either way, under no such circumstance should any life be wasted. Watch the show-stopping moments below:

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