Kanye West Reveals Plans For A Yeezy Adult Entertainment Studio

A Kanye West press tour is one of the most wild pop culture events ever. Every time the rapper does an interview, he manages to surprise the crowd, and this week is no exception.

On Tuesday, the legendary American rapper, Kanye West revealed to TMZ his intentions to launch a brand-new pornographic production company under the Yeezy name. The outlet claims that this has been coming for a while. With the assistance of seasoned industry professional Mike Moz, West intends to open the porn studio as early as this summer.

According to a Ye spokesman, he has been considering entering the porn industry for a number of years. It appears that the relationship with the previously stated Moz makes all the difference. Stormy Daniels’s ex-boyfriend Moz is said to possess the skills and background necessary to turn a pornographic studio into a profitable venture.

In the rapper’s opinion, anyway. According to TMZ, Yeezy will serve as the parent company of a “broader adult entertainment division” that the Yeezy porn studio would launch. West has not yet made any public remarks regarding the business proposal.

Kanye West’s past with pornography has been controversial. He performed his single “I Love It” at the Pornhub Awards, where he also served as the official creative director. In addition, the rapper has stated that his addiction to porn put his relationship with his ex-wife and kids in jeopardy.

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