Meta’s WhatsApp Working On New Features

Meta is now developing a combination of new features for WhatsApp, its instant messenger. Meta’s latest steps include enhancing the manner users can take photos and videos through its instant chat messenger WhatsApp. Users are unable to access the progress as it is still in development.

WhatsApp users will understand that tapping on the ring takes a picture and ‘tap-and-hold’ records a video. Although WhatsApp provides this instruction every time a user sends a picture or a video to the app, many users find it complicated the first time they use the feature. Meta has designed a solution to this problem that offers two ways of capturing photos and videos using the app.

To capture images while in Photo mode, tap on the ring and send them out to your contacts. A tap on the ring will create a video. You will no longer be required to use the tap-and-hold method to video. These two methods can be swapped at your leisure.

WABetainfo has identified the Camera, and Video modes in WhatsApp Android and iOS apps. These are still in the development process and cannot be utilized at the moment. Although it is not detailed when Meta will publicize the modifications, it is likely that WhatsApp beta users will be able to gain access to them first. Two new modes were first tested for the WhatsApp Android application. They might pursue the same sequence when they are made public to the general public.

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