Music Video For Taylor Swift And Post Malone Collaboration ‘Fortnight’ Drops

Taylor Swift and Post Malone recently collaborated on a song titled ‘Fortnight’, the lead single from ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ double-album released yesterday. The music video for the song was released at 8 ET/1 following a trailer’s release on April 19. The video begins with Swift in dark makeup being tied to a bedframe in a white room, where the furniture is upside down. It sets an eerie and intense mood as Swift’s face is shown with Malone’s signature facial tattoos.

The video, which incorporated a good blend of monochrome, then shows Swift and Malone hammering away at typewriters as they write the lyrics, “I love you; it’s ruining my life.”. They are later seen dramatically searching through files, throwing things, and embracing each other on the road, as the lyrics suggest a tumultuous relationship.

Swift is also shown being experimented on by a group of scientists, including Malone, further emphasizing the theme of torture and torment. Towards the end of the video, Malone is seen singing in a phone box on top of a mountain while sheltered from the pouring rain, creating a contrasting and visually striking image.

The video concludes with Swift’s character standing in the rain, seemingly free from the torture she had been experiencing earlier in the video. Overall, the video is a creative and intense representation of the song’s lyrics and themes.

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