Seun Kuti Tackles Cyberbullying And The Poor Treatment Of African Women

Famous musician Seun Kuti is making ripples once more, this time by addressing the problem of cyberbullying and drawing attention to the disrespectful treatment of African women in the music industry.

The Grammy-nominated musician discussed a previous incident in which he renamed colleague Wizkid’s fans from Wizkid FC to “Buhari’s children” due to concerns about cyberbullying in an open video that was shared online on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. Seun Kuti stressed the gravity of cyberbullying and cyberstalking, denouncing actions that include putting someone’s life in danger and disclosing personal information online.

Thinking back on his own career, Seun Kuti recalled the hostility he faced when he said that only a few Nigerian musicians, including himself at the time, had won Grammy awards. Seun Kuti highlighted the resiliency needed to handle such circumstances in the internet age by saying that, despite the online drama, he never felt the need to involve the police.

Apart from tackling cyberbullying, Seun Kuti also addressed the problem of disdain for African women in the music industry. He voiced his worry that disrespect is fostered by African musicians who frequently reinforce derogatory preconceptions about African women in their songs.

Seun Kuti called for a change toward more uplifting and powerful depictions of African women in music, highlighting the need for increased awareness and sensitivity to this issue.

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