Taylor Swift’s Stalker Arrested For The Third Time

How else do you tell a stalker to desist from his or her acts, especially after they have been arrested over and over? Now, not only did Taylor Swift’s stalker fail to grasp the message, but he was back on her block and getting busted twice in as little as two hours after appearing in court on his last arrest for prowling around her house. ­ Just two blocks from her NYC apartment, on Wednesday at around 2:00 PM, David Crowe can be seen in this video enjoying a cigarette outside a McDonald’s. He eventually returned to Taylor’s home, according to witnesses, and someone in the area raised the alarm by reporting him to 911.

According to law enforcement sources, Crowe told police during today’s arrest that he was from Seattle, which is accurate, and that he was planning to board a flight home, but the police did not find any documentation of that journey. The fact that Taylor is known to be back in New York City—she was spotted out on the town on Tuesday night with Cara Delevingne and Brittany Mahomes—makes this arrest even more concerning. Taylor may or may not have been inside when Crowe was brought into custody today; however, she was out of town at the time of the prior arrests.

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