The Trolling Continues As Drake Posts Photo Of Kendrick Lamar’s Manager With OVO Merch

Drake is a well-known rapper who has recently made headlines for his controversial actions and statements. He gained significant attention for his diss track “Push Ups,” which impressed the hip-hop world. Since then, he has used his social media platform to take jabs at his rivals. After his back and forth with Rick Ross on social media, Drake’s target this time is Kendrick Lamar, another famous rapper who has become one of the most popular artists in the music industry. Recently, Drake posted a picture of Lamar’s current manager, Anthony Saleh, carrying a bag with Drake’s OVO logo. The move is seen as a direct attack on Lamar, as OVO is a rival brand. To add insult to injury, Drake wrote a caption asking Saleh, “We getting in our bag or nah?” The caption is a double entendre, referencing Lamar’s need to respond to “Push Ups” and Saleh’s literal bag.

However, it’s worth noting that the year the photo was taken is unclear and probably predates Saleh’s union with Lamar. Saleh became Lamar’s manager in 2021, shortly before the rapper launched his company, pgLang. Anthony Saleh is an experienced music executive who has worked with several famous artists.  The executive produced Nas’ self-titled album in 2008 and negotiated multi-million-dollar endorsement deals for the Queens rapper. Despite this, Drake has repeatedly targeted him on social media. On April 16, he posted a photo of Saleh with turtle emojis, referencing his impatience for a Kendrick Lamar response track.

Drake’s fixation on Lamar’s management extends to “Push Ups,” where he mocked Lamar for signing a bad deal. Rake claims that Lamar split half of his earnings with Top Dawg Entertainment, which inspired the “drop and give me 50” line in the song’s chorus. Recently, fans have debated whether a snippet of an alleged Kendrick Lamar diss track leaked on April 15 was real until  TikTok producer Sy the Rapper eventually claimed credit for making the song. However, Lamar hasn’t responded to “Push Ups” in an official capacity yet. This means that Drake will likely continue to pester him and Saleh on Instagram until Lamar comes up with a response track. Overall, it’s clear that the rivalry between Drake and his rivals, including Kendrick Lamar, is heating up, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the coming days and weeks.

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