Wiz Khalifa “Decisions” Album Review


Wiz Khalifa

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 01 Dec, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 13
  • ℗ 2023 Taylor Gang Ent., LLC

Wiz Khalifa &Quot;Decisions&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 29, 2024

Wiz Khalifa, the rapper from Pittsburgh, has made quite a name for himself since he broke out with his hit song “Black and Yellow.”. He is known for his love of weed and his hometown, which he frequently references in his music. With his lean physique and fully tattooed body, Wiz Khalifa has become a platinum-selling artist who has accomplished a lot over the years. He has starred in a film with Snoop Dogg and even featured in Maroon 5’s chart-topping song “Payphone.”. He has also experienced plenty of drama in his personal life, including being engaged—or not now.

This year has been no exception, as Wiz Khalifa has released several music projects, including his newest one called “Decisions.”. This marks his fourth project this year, which is quite impressive. In the summer, he embarked on a highly successful 33-city tour called “The High School Reunion” with Snoop Dogg, and their performance earned them a nomination for “Top Rap Touring Artist” at the Billboard Music Awards. Wiz Khalifa’s 13-track album, which was released on December 1, showcases his skills as a rapper. Despite having no features, the album still captivates listeners with its powerful lyrics and impressive beats. Wiz Khalifa delivers like the OG that he is, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Album Art

Wiz Khalifa &Quot;Decisions&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 29, 2024

The album art is a stunning animated representation of Wiz Khalifa’s music. The vibrant graphics brilliantly showcase the core themes of the 13 tracks. The themes of marijuana and luxury are beautifully illustrated in the artwork. Additionally, Khalifa takes the opportunity to promote his weed brand, the high-end fashion company Balenciaga, and his love for cannabis with a touch of creativity. The album art is an impressive, well-designed piece that perfectly complements the music.

Tracks And Features

The album starts with a song called “Looking for Nipsey,” which might be mistaken as a tribute to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. However, the references to Nipsey are only in the intro, so it’s not entirely a tribute song. The rest of the song focuses on themes of smoking cannabis, boasting and slick-talking, and hinting at his street credibility. Khalifa praises himself and his lifestyle while admitting his love for marijuana. He delivers his lyrics confidently and efficiently, effortlessly proving his haters wrong while maintaining his persona as a smoker. Although the chorus is not very impressive, Khalifa’s verses are top-notch.

The next song is “Freezing Turkeys,” which follows the weed theme in the album. Wiz Khalifa is a veteran of the music industry, and he carries himself accordingly. He discusses his family and business team while acknowledging that, even though he has succeeded, he still strives to achieve his definition of success. He admits his critics and is determined to prove them wrong again. As a result, he relentlessly pursues his goals and aspirations.

Hard-hitting hip-hop rhythm arrangements in “A New Way to Shine” highlight Wiz stepping up his game and discussing how so many partnerships and collaborations now surround his cannabis branding company. Some clever talking lines give the impression that the singer is boasting, but that’s just Khalifa for you; he has every right to be confident and strong in his position. The track showcases Wiz’s growth as an artist, as he effortlessly flows over the energetic beats with his signature style. His lyrics not only reflect his success in the cannabis industry but also serve as a testament to his dedication and hard work in building his empire.

The mesmerizing track “Cream Corn” perfectly blends smooth music and captivating beats that will grab anyone’s attention. Wiz, the artist, skillfully delivers his verses with a smooth flow and clever lyrics that will make his female companions feel safe and appreciated when they are with him. The sly beat of the track adds an extra layer of intrigue and appeal, making it an irresistible addition to any music enthusiast’s playlist. In conclusion, “Cream Corn” is an excellent demonstration of Wiz’s talent for creating engaging and enjoyable music that will leave you wanting more.

If you’re a fan of Wiz Khalifa’s vocals and love marijuana, then “Chicago Winds” is the perfect song for you. In the song, Wiz talks about how much he enjoys smoking weed and the feelings it gives him. He also talks about his dreams and aspirations, using his smooth vocal style to deliver his message. He wants to keep moving forward in life and leave the past behind. He tells a woman he’s with that he’s thinking a lot and gives her the choice to stay and have a fantastic experience with him or to go out and do her own thing. Wiz also talks about travelling to luxurious locations and enjoying life. Overall, “Chicago Winds” is the kind of song that you’ll want to listen to repeatedly, more than any other track on the album.

The upcoming track, “Heavy Hitters,” is classic Wiz Khalifa in his confident and bold mode. Wiz delivers powerful verses that pack a punch. This is the same Khalifa that his fans adore. He continues to include references to marijuana and its drug usage in the lyrics, advocates for the legalization of cannabis, and highlights its medical benefits in this particular song. He also impressively combines his slick talking and bragging skills on this track.

Wiz’s “Zodiac” starts with a hook that may come across as uninteresting, but it is just a prelude to the laidback and elegant production that follows. Wiz’s verses are delivered with a high rendition that is sure to delight fans of his music. He uses his trademark chilled-out rap style to talk about the exclusive things he can offer to someone he is fond of, which he calls “Zodiac Love.” He promises fancy dinners, exquisite boat rides, and expensive cars, among other things. The listener is treated to dope verses that showcase Wiz’s lyrical prowess, but their reaction to the chorus may vary. Some may find it catchy and love it, while others may dislike it immediately.

“Up the Ladder” is the climax of the album. Wiz Khalifa uses a relaxed style of rapping and singing to showcase his significant wealth and collection of luxury goods. The hard-hitting beat with shimmering accents drives the rhythm. He talks about his rise to fame and how he can outperform his rivals. As the listening experience draws to an end due to the effects of marijuana, the tune becomes very chill and reminds us why Wiz is the kind of man you’d want to have in your gang. The combination of Wiz Khalifa’s smooth delivery and the captivating production creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that immerses listeners in his world of success and luxury. “Up the Ladder” not only showcases his lyrical prowess but also leaves a lasting impression, solidifying Wiz’s position as a prominent figure in the rap industry.


1 Looking For Nipsey 3:14
2 Freeze Turkeys 2:27
3 A New Way To Shine 3:16
4 Cream Corn 3:19
5 Chicago Winds 4:03
6 Heavy Hitters 3:05
7 A Helping Hand 2:10
8 Roscoes 1:09
9 Tail Money 2:37
10 Dynamites Revenge 3:04
11 Zodiac 2:11
12 Dsp 0:38
13 Up the Ladder 2:40

Album Summary

Although the album may not be a standout release from Wiz, there are still several positive aspects worth highlighting. Fans will appreciate Wiz’s commanding presence on the mic, particularly in his verses, which showcase his assertive style. Additionally, Wiz’s transition into a more confident and polished rapper is a testament to his growth as an artist. His unabashed love for the herb is evident throughout the album, which will surely delight his stoner fan base. Despite not being his best album, Wiz still manages to showcase his versatility and skills, which are qualities that his fans have come to appreciate and enjoy. Overall, the album is a solid release that demonstrates Wiz’s continued evolution as an artist.


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