Dee-1 No Longer “Glorifies Ignorance”; Cancels His Top 5 Mcs List

Dee-1, a rapper from New Orleans, has always been known for his consistent stance against music glorifying violence and negativity. In a recent Art of Dialogue series interview, Dee-1 explained why he cannot justify having a Top 5 MCs list. He believes it would be hypocritical to include a majority of the rappers he once loved due to the content of their music that goes against his values and beliefs. Dee-1 explained that he admires artists who use their platform to spread positivity and inspire change. He believes music should be used to educate and uplift people rather than promote negativity and violence. He stated that he would rather have a Top 5 list of artists who align with his values than just based on their popularity or skill.

However, he included Nas in his list because the legendary rapper’s message has evolved. Nas’ music has been known to tackle social issues and promote positivity, which aligns with Dee-1’s values. Dee-1 also noted that Jay-Z has evolved but did not mention him in his Top 5.

Dee-1’s views on rap music and refusal to promote negativity have earned him a reputation as a socially conscious rapper. His music often touches on topics such as education, spirituality, and self-improvement, and he continues to inspire a new generation of artists who share his values.

“I’m to the point now where I realize that I can’t have a Top 5 no more because my Top 5 would have been people who at some point in their life or their career, they were glorifying the stuff that we need to be fighting against,”

“And that’s something that I gotta be like dang, did they ever graduate from that or elevate from that? If they did, then cool. Nas my favorite rapper. Always been my favorite rapper.”

“But outside of Nas, I was definitely infatuated with the ignorance in music and very much in love with the music and ignoring the message and putting people on a pedestal that they didn’t deserve. I gotta have a whole new Top 5. I can put Nas there, I feel comfortable putting Lupe Fiasco there. Outside of them, the other names that I normally would have named would definitely make me feel conflicted in my spirit to say that.”

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