Kelis Has Been Responding To Trolls And Is Unfazed By BeyHive

As the saying goes, “Ask and you shall receive,” and it appears that’s what happened between Kelis and Beyoncé. When Kelis learned that her song was sampled on Renaissance, Beyoncé’s most recent smash album, she expressed disgust and started an internet uproar.

Despite the fact that The Neptunes—Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo—produced and composed the sampled material, Kelis felt that Beyoncé ought to have contacted her before using it. She claimed that Bey and company utilized her song without her consent. As a result of Kelis’ subsequent public criticism of Bey, Pharrell, and Hugo, the controversy has received never-ending reaction.

Beyoncé reportedly pulled the sample from her song “Energy” after the social media controversy and Kelis’ release of videos in which she speaks openly about her rage. On Kelis’s social media pages, that has simply sparked a new round of hostile or trolling comments, to which she has been unapologetically responding.

Kelis was referred to as a crybaby and asked if she was pleased that her sample had been taken out of Renaissance. “Yes I am actually. lol nobody cried,” she said in reply to the crybaby remark. The singer responded, “And that’s why you are you and thank God I am me lol,” after another user remarked they would have just been glad that Beyoncé utilized their music.

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