Lorde Addresses Viral Shushing Video ‘I Just Wanted To Talk About This’

New Zealand star Lorde has finally addressed her viral shushing video “I just wanted to talk about this”.

If any artiste is particular about their music and performing it, it is undoubtedly New Zealand singer and songwriter Lorde. The Grammy winner was filmed in a recent viral video shushing fans while she performed the song “Writer In The Dark.”

The video was said to have been filmed during her Melodrama tour back in 2018. However, it resurfaced after being posted on the Instagram fan account @Lordecontent. Responding to the video, Lorde shared that “That was something that I did on that one song a couple times when I wanted to sing it a capella or off the microphone so people could hear me and because I wanted to try something different.”

She continued, “If you come to my shows, you know it’s an hour-and-a-half of all of us singing and screaming together. Also that dramatic-ass move was literally for an album called ‘Melodrama’, so don’t stress too hard.” She spoke about the video at her sold-out Chicago show for the Solar Power tour, after which she performed the song.

She said about the last performance of the song, “I would put my mic down and walk all over the stage and sing the song. I was 19, y’know – very dramatic, a lot of feelings. The internet has decided this was very bad and very rude. I think they mustn’t have come to one of these shows cos it’s such a communal vibe. We’re all singing and screaming all the time.”

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