Shallipopi Slams Spryo For Disrespecting His Music Style

Shallipopi, a rapidly emerging musician, responded to Spyro after the latter criticized his style of music on a podcast. Shallipopi acknowledged in a tweet that not everyone likes him, but he doesn’t let it upset him because not everyone’s opinion is important. Shallipopi cautioned his colleague to avoid participating in conversations that are unrelated to him.

The singer, who was born in Edo, also emphasized the value of humility and exhorted Spryo to swallow his arrogance. Spyro, on the other hand, felt the need to make a clarification at the recently held Headies Awards a few days ago. Spyro, the recipient of the prestigious Best Collaboration Of The Year Award, went over and beyond in a touching moment at the 16th Headies Awards.

He used the chance to retract some debatable remarks he had made about secular music just a week earlier. Spyro addressed how the media had portrayed his remarks on Shallopopi’s music and secular music in general that he had made on The Honest Bunch podcast. By mentioning the “Ex Convict” singer and emphasizing that Shallopopi was in fact his person, he clarified the situation.

This action was intended to help clear any misunderstandings and to reaffirm his support for other artists.

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