Birdman Slams Perceived Notion That Hip-Hop Has Become “Soft”

Hip-hop’s current situation has been the subject of much discussion lately, especially in light of all the internet rap beef that has gone viral. The fact that artists are turning to social media rather than the streets to work things out has raised concerns about whether or not hip-hop has softened. Birdman recently added his voice to the discussion on Steve-O’s Wild Ride!, addressing whether or not he still thinks the world has evolved since his 1990s debut. In his opinion, the level of violence hasn’t decreased. Birdman believes that the intensity of the beef may have shifted from physical altercations to online spats, but the underlying tension and aggression in hip-hop remain prevalent. He also emphasized the importance of artists staying true to themselves and their music, regardless of how conflicts are resolved.

He believes that things have become worse in reality. The legend of Cash Money Records talked about the perceived notion that hip-hop was becoming mellow. He also mentioned how things may spread quickly and how social media makes it simpler to start conflicts with people. Birdman continued, expressing his hope that the violence would stop permanently. He expressed concern about the negative impact of violence on the industry and emphasized the need for unity among artists. Birdman also stressed the importance of focusing on music and creativity rather than engaging in unnecessary conflicts.

“F*ck no,”

“We was cool back then without social media, now these young n***as killing — it’s a different operation. You just got to know how to adjust either way. It’s a different time, from then to now.”

“Back then, we didn’t have social media, so if you got a problem with a n***a, who gon’ know? ‘Cause you ain’t making songs about no n***a, but nowadays with social media, you got a problem, the whole world gon’ know. It’s just a different time and I just hope it get better, bro,”

“I don’t want to see people losing their lives, ’cause that’s happening,”  “Even n***as rapping are not rapping. People really losing their lives over social media.”

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